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Pass with Drive and Pass Driving Lessons Loughborough

Some of our Recent Pupil Passes


Almost Perfect - Only 1 Fault !

 John was an absolutely amazing instructor. He was always calm, determined and passionate for helping me in every circumstance. I would highly recommend him if you really want to pass the driving test. Thank you 

Passed driving lesson in Loughborough

Well Done Elisabeth

 "I started having lessons with John after I had had 50 hours of lessons with a pretty terrible instructor. I found driving scary, had been taught badly and so had some bad habits. John was really logical about reteaching everything properly so that I was driving safely and felt much more comfortable. He was always calm, reassuring and explained things clearly (and often repeatedly!) until I understood. Each lesson was planned with a focus and I always had a clear idea about how far I was from taking my test. My lessons with John have prepared me well to be a safe and confident driver. I would absolutely recommend John, particularly to anyone anxious about driving."
Elisabeth Cook 

another pass

Your hard work paid off Raqeeb ! - Well done


HI John many thanks for your efforts towards helping me pass. You patched me up real good, from roundabouts to speed. I was really struggling in Birmingham and you really helped me with discipline and progression through gears even the fact I was clutch burning and you removed that aspect from my driving. Thanks for helping me pass in minimal hours.


Great Pass Haidar - Only 3 Faults!


My experience with John Kerr and Drive and Pass:I've had a countless number of instructors in my time learning to drive, none have ever come close to the professionalism and expert level of knowledge held by John Kerr. Unlike a lot of instructors, John prides himself in making you the best driver you can be. You're not just trained to be at pass standard, instead, you are trained to tackle any situation the roads have for you. At the end of each lesson, there would be an in-depth debrief to discuss how you thought the lesson went and where you could improve. John consistently made sure that every minute of the lesson was used to effectively to most improve your driving and often went overtime to make sure you would leave the lesson feeling great. As well as taking it very seriously, John was a very friendly instructor and his humour made the lessons that much more enjoyable. I would like to thank John for going that extra mile for me (excuse the pun!). Cheers again. Haidar. 

From John:

Your more than welcome HaIdar. It was a pleasure teaching you. Your enthusiasm was fantastic.


The Examiner said "A nice smooth drive"

Well done Jessica... FIRST TIME PASS WITH ONLY 2 MINOR FAULTS!! The Examiner was impressed by your well timed gear changes and smooth clutch.



Congratulations Olivia... A great test drive, comfortable and everything well planned. Your hard work paid off!

We´ll help you all the way to test

Driver's view

Lessons Adapted to You


* New Learner Drivers

* Partly Trained Drivers from other instructors and/or other towns

* Qualified drivers needing refreshment training or confidence building!

Just choose an Option which suits you:

* Hourly classes - pay as you go

* 10 Hour block classes

* Intensive 30 hour course

* Assessment and Error Correction

We´re Flexible - Just tell us when you want to have your lesson

Our flexible booking system fits around you so you can change dates and times each week (depending on availability). So if you want to miss a week, go away or increase your training sessions our system can accommodate you.

Some of our Pupil PASSES - Averaging only 3 Minor Faults!

In the past year, our pupils have passed with an average of only 3 minor faults, ranging from 1 - 6. 

Here´s a small selection:

Quan - 1 minor

Alicia - 2 minors

Jessica - 2 minors

Jameel - 3 minors

Raqeeb - 6 minors

Neave - 2 minors

Christian - 3 minors

Karim - 3 minors

Matt - 5 minors

Elisabeth - 3 minors

Celine - 5 minors




(Choose One Option)

  • 1 Hour Taster
    £20.00 Training on Cockpit check, Moving off and Stopping.
  • 2 Hour Lesson
    £35.00 Includes Cockpit Preparation, Move Off, Stopping, Gears, Steering
  • 10 Hour Block Deal
    £240.00 Can be used in combinations of: 1 hour, 1.5 hour or 2 hour sessions.
  • 1.5 Hour Assessment and Corrective Training
    £35.00 We welcome pupils partly trained by other instructors and/or from other towns. We´ll make a short driving assessment to help you identify faults, areas for improvement and some immediate training to get you started on a new training plan.



  • 1 Hour Lesson  £25.00
  • 1.5 Hour Lesson  £37.50
  • 2 Hour Lesson £50
  • 10 Hour Block £240.00
  • Intensive Course 30 Hour  £690.00
  • (All or most subjects will be covered but will depend on your progress and additional hours may still be needed to get to DVSA Test standard. Your instructor will give you feedback during your training.)
  • Pass Plus  £180.00 
  • Motorway Preparation   £65


  1. A highly trained instructor capable of identifying and correcting your driving faults and coaching you to DVSA Test Standard. Our average passes are with only 3 minor faults.
  2. Lesson Plans adapted to you and your needs. We focus on your specific needs so you learn more quickly.
  3. You can choose the day and hour of your lesson each week, subject to availability.
  4. Access to our App to allow you to follow your progress by subject with email reports each month if requested. Great for showing mum and dad your email training progress report!
  5. Use of colour Visuals which explain what you´ll be doing on each lesson making each lesson easy to understand and follow.

NEWS - Road Markings Re-painted in Loughborough

For years, new learners have struggled to see badly worn road lane and junction markings but now thanks to the efforts of Loughborough instructors and some DVSA examiners, (through a conversation with Nicky Morgan MP) many markings have been repainted making the positioning of the car much more accurate and safer. 

Adapted Plans to suit YOU

Our training plans are focused on you so you can get the maximum learing experience and a feeling of achievement at the end of each training session. We´ll give you continuous feedback on your driving all throughout the lesson so you learn more and improve your skills.

Get our FREE APP which shows your progress by subject so you get a sense of how you´re doing. Alternatively, you can opt for our FREE email report each month of your progress. Your instructor will explain your progress and what you need to complete the course.

We use a coaching method to help you develop your skills quickly and we use easy to understand visual diagrams for each subject to help you understand clearly the new subject you are about to do. We encourage questions as we know this accelerates your learning process.

About Us

Learn with DVSA Approved Qualified Instructors


Our professional instructors are DVSA and DBS approved, who will to teach you the skills you need to achieve a high standard of driving for your own safety and as required by the DVSA examiners. Our coaching method aims to get you to think independently to enable you to deal with complex driving situations and emerge from them safely. They´ll build your confidence step by step so that you´ll become a well trained, responsible and safe driver. 

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What do I need to get to Test Standard?


The DVSA Driving Test requires a high standard of driving. During the test, the Examiner will watch you continually to check that you respond correctly to developing hazards. Not only this, he/she expects you to drive safely and calmly without hesitation. You have to be able to control the car at all times and not be a danger to other road users.

What does that mean?

You have to be able to anticipate the road ahead and plan accordingly. It may involve just small changes to your speed and positioning but you need to be able to do it effectively without putting you or other road users in potential danger. 

Braking suddenly causing the following car to nearly hit you would mean you didn´t anticipate in time to the developing hazard in front of you.

Your Drive and Pass Instructor will guide you through the Test procedure and prepare you well in advance using some of the test routes in Loughbrough and the outskirts. More importantly, you´ll learn all the skills neccessary to pass the test including how identify different types of road junctions (where about 60% of accidents occur) how to approach, enter and leave roundabouts, and how to decide if its safe to continue when cars are approaching you.

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Common Learner Driver Errors

Driver at the wheel

* No blind spot check before moving off

* Too fast approach to a junction

* Emerging unsafely from a junction

* Cutting corners

* Not checking mirrors 

* Driving too slowly

* Parking on left in unsafe place

* Passing parked incorrectly

* Hitting kerb on left parallel reverse

* Late response to developing hazards

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* Intensive courses cover a minimum of 30 hours but you may need more depending on your progress. If you have questions about what programs we have available to you, feel free to send us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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